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    Join us to the tour and discover how we make dampers for you (In case you cannot visit our factory on site, just follow me to a virtual tour and see how we make dampers.)


Be proud to introduce our swelling showroom.
Over 150 models are applied in various products, and more are being developed, you are sure to get inspired here.


Communication bridge between “what you need” and “what we do”.
Your need comes first. Technical personnel fully take part in before-sale and after-sale consultant and follow your project until guaranteed satisfaction.

Injection moulding-Zinc casting

Suit various design. (Standard part, standard beginning)
Injection Molding, zinc casting:Raw materials accepted are put into the mixing tank and ready for injection machine to form the shaft and axis
The versatility of injection mouldingmolding cooperates fully with customer’s design considerations and possibilities.
Automatic shaft assembly (Highlight automation equipment)
Quick as well as precise, increase capacity greatly
Applying new technology which automatically performsAutomatic shaft assembly, makes Peir’s high-efficient production, ensuring quality& safety also.

Final assembly

Specially-assigned person for special position
Right people in the right place
People have been fully trained on the knowledge of final assembly. They are master of their workplace.


Formal evaluation exercise before delivery.
100% inspected before shipment, best balance between efficiency and quality.
Besides, we offer goods inspection support by sending you (application videos&) test report, so you can inspect your products as if you were in our factory.

Packaging and warehouse

Label clarificationclarify to avoid mixmistake; strong package to get through different transport

Let us supply a quote for your next project.

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