Shenzhen Wellwit robotics Co.,Ltd – AGV & AMR OEM/ODM

Shenzhen Wellwit robotics Co.,Ltd designs, manufactures and deploys robots for logistics automation.
We welcome WMS providers to cooperate with us to support logistics solutions all over the world.

Independent design:

We are entering the Autonomous Age – where robotics break through to release people from performing complex but essentially repetitive functions at work and in their homes. For many years we have been very successful in implementing and developing our know-how in autonomous robotics in the field of Automated Guided Vehicles. We have designed robotics platform for many different business sectors.

Our highly developed algorithms, software and robotics and breakthroughs in processing power and sensor technology now enable us to offer autonomous solutions across a wide range of industrial and service applications. Whether it’s the automotive industry, ports, farming or hospitals we have a solution that can transform your business.

We will provide:

  • Robotics design- identifying what is optimal in autonomy and how to develop it in your product
  • Prototyping – we will build the first unit with you including robotics and user interfaces
  • Agreed production robotics package – providing the autonomy for your product
  • Ongoing robotics design support – keeping you up to date and releasing future products
  • Ongoing service support – optimising your customer’s autonomous investment

Project Design

Efficient Precise Intelligent

Rely on industry experience, combine the actual situation and needs of the enterprise to plan the layout of the warehouse

The self-developed only equipment control system can complete the automatic opening and control of the machine by docking with the enterprise WMS and ERP system

Real-time monitoring of big data, realizing manual monitoring and equipment operation, reducing labor waste and improving efficiency

Continue to create value for the enterprise, and gradually realize the construction of the full warehouse, build smart logistics and smart factories

Wellwit Robotics
2D code guided robots goods to person testing

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